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Importance of Dussehra

Dussehra is one of the most popular and most celebrated festivals of India, with festivities crossing over regions and religions. This festival traces it origin to the Lord Rama, who killed the demon Ravana on this day and since then, people have been symbolizing that victory by celebrating this festival. Importance of Dussehra lies in the fact that the festival marks the ‘victory of good over evil’.


For Hindus, this festival brings the occasion to revere the virtues of God-king Rama. People have enormous faith in the persona of Rama and this festival strengthens their vows to follow the life and deeds of the Lord. Rama’s moral way of life forms the very basis to celebrate not only this festival, but also to celebrate Diwali.


Stage-shows or Ramlila are held across the country wherein artists perform acts related to the life to Rama. Besides, various cultural programs are organized across the length and breadth of India to symbolize the victory of bad over evil. On the day of Dussehra, people burn the effigies of demon Ravana and his evil family members, like son and brother, to symbolize the defeat of evil by the hand of good.


Burning effigies of Ravana remains the major highlight of this festival, as it fills people with a sense of joy. Everyone claps and celebrates the act of burning as it destroys Ravana who had abducted Maa Sita- the pious wife of Rama. Importance of Dussehra emanates from the same story when Rama decided to avenge the malevolent abduction of his wife, thus paving way for the defeat of the evil and all his vices.


Exactly 20 days after the burning of Ravana, people again get into festive mood through the grand celebrations of Diwali. When Rama returned to his Kingdom after killing Ravana, the erstwhile residents of Ayodhya (Rama’s Kingdom) celebrated the day by lighting up clay lamps, cleaning houses and bursting crackers. Even today, the same set of celebrations is held on Amavas (new moon) in the month of October or November to re-enact the same virtues and morals. 



Diwali Puja from all cites
Deepavali, popularly known as the "festival of lights," is a festival celebrated between mid-October and mid-December for different reasons.

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