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Deep in Diwali

Diwali is a ‘festival of lights’ when the whole of India gets illuminated through lights and clay lamps. Also known as Deepawali, the word ‘deep’ means ‘diyas or lamps or lights’ which signifies the value of this festival. Deep in Diwali denotes the lighting up of houses, buildings, temples et al, to keep the darkness completely away from the ambience.


Marking the ‘victory of brightness over darkness’, this four-day festival is the only occasion across India when elaborate decoration of houses is done using clay lamps, candles, bulbs, diyas etc. Celebrated on the new-moon night, the festival of Diwali is soon transformed into a full-moon night through the lighting up of hundreds of deeps or diyas or deepaks.


The glittering diyas or clay lamps not only make it the night of lights, but they also denote the victory of    brightness over darkness. Every house in the country is decorated and lighted up on Diwali day using diya or a small earthen lamp. This small lamp is made using a cotton wick which keeps burning when an amount of oil or ghee is pored over in the lamp.


Simple, plain, decorated and multi-coloured, diyas are available in the market in small as well as big shapes and sizes. Fancy diyas are too used to add charm to the house during the celebrations of Diwali. A wide variety of crafted and designer diyas flood the market everywhere. More so, zari, mirrors and artworks are also used to make a range of charming diyas or deep for more attraction.


From traditional single spout to multi spout diyas, from 10 spouts to 11 spouts to 21 spout diyas, from Laxmi to Ganesha diyas and from multicoloured to effervescent diyas, every kind of deep in Diwali is available to make this festival even grander. People buy these diyas to celebrate this festival to invoke the blessings of goddess of wealth and prosperity.



Diwali Puja from all cites
Deepavali, popularly known as the "festival of lights," is a festival celebrated between mid-October and mid-December for different reasons.

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